Comparison between Smartphone and Mirrorless for Street Photography (2)

Meilisa Dwi N
4 min readAug 13, 2020


On the last story, I’ve told the main differences of two photos that have been taken by my smartphone and my mirrorless camera. In this story, I wanna show you what make them different and maybe it can help you to decide what kind of smartphone to buy if you want the best camera feature. What I write here is not only my opinion, but also from conclusion of some feedback came from my friends.

Smartphone Camera features the practicality and the simplicity.

Capture (+ some editing maybe), and you can share your photo with only several clicks. The company want the user to meet something simple when taking and sharing the pictures. While, if we take pictures from camera, we must move the photos to our mobile phone or laptop before able to edit then share it to social media, right?

Photo taken by smarthphone (left) and mirrorless camera (right)

Look at the picture above. The photo on the left has more vivid color than the one on the right. How can it become significantly different even though (almost) captured on the same time? The reason why the color of photo from smartphone is better than the photo from camera is because smartphone has AI and image processing. Basically, we don’t have to put much effort to edit the tone color from the smartphone’s photos. Once again, simplicity is the purpose.

Mirrorless Camera Features Better Picture to be Re-composite

Due to its large megapixel, the photos from mirrorless camera can be re-composite more easily. If we want to crop the picture, we don’t need to be afraid the photo will be a low resolution one. Since it has more pixels, it provides more detail and being potential to produce great images if we give some editing. Moreover, if we have specific lens (macro / tele), of course the photos would be so amazing (with the good skill of photography, too).

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

So, what’s the better one?

The answer is: ask yourself. You yourself who know what you need. It depends on you purpose.

In my own opinion, if we are the type who don’t like complicated process to take and share photos, of course smartphone is the best choice. The color produced from the original file has been eye-pleasing, you only need minor editing to make it better.

Which Smartphone Provides Best Camera Feature?

Mmm. Actually I can’t answer it.

Photo by S Sjöberg on Unsplash

After knowing the budget we have, we need to pay attention for some aspects. Once, I thought that the larger megapixel camera is the better one. Then I made it wrong. My friends told me that there are several specifications that determine the quality of the camera. Those are:

  • ISP (image signal processor, that process the data from camera censor into visual)
  • the chipset (directly proportional with ISP),
  • supporting feature (Artificial Intelligence),
  • software (sometimes update in software would improve the camera performance),
  • the brand
  • and others.

I write *others* in the previous sentence because I thought there should be more aspects, but I still don’t know, if you have more information, please let me know ;)

Back to The Title. What’s the Better One For Street Photography?

Every choices has its own minus and plus.

If we choose mobile phone, we would get a simple gear we can bring everywhere. Moreover, with its small size and being the thing that everyone has, we are able to photographing secretly. We can shoot candid moment better and maybe the object would not realize.

If we choose mirrorless camera, we would get a more detailed photo. We can crop or zoom in the subject without any fear. But, then we should give some retouch to make the color more alive.

Once again, the choice is up to you. Be wise, and have fun on the street!

That’s my 2nd chapter of the comparison between Smartphone and Mirrorless for Street Photography. Feel free to discuss anything and thanks for reading!



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