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3 min readMay 6, 2020


How to reduce the rubbish? You can go and start it from your home.

Kitchen / food waste

Familiar with this kind of rubbish? Yah seems like everybody make this kind of rubbish everyday. Kitchen or food waste. Maybe this kind of waste is the larger part you throw away into garbage can in front of your home. Even you buy your food instead of cooking by yourself, still there are rubbish on the restaurant where the food was made. Actually, the problem of rubbish is the management. From what I see, the post-process is only moving the rubbish. It was moved from your home or another source, to the garbage dump. The waste management is not as good as I think, which I hope it converts the organic waste into compost and recycling the anorganic one (Yea but I know actually, there are few organizations have done that). Then if we think again, how can it be? Of course, we all know, because we (the source of garbage maker) don’t separate them well. Or, we want to separate but then we think, “Hm, what do I separate this for? In the end, it will mixed again in the truck which bring it to the garbage dump). It will be never ending question if we ask who should responsible for this.

But hey, it will meet bright direction (even a small dot) if we ourselves take an action to make it true. How can? Who can?

Everybody can. I, your mom, your dad, your little sister, your grandma, and anyone (who is not child anymore) can do this little thing. Everyone who willing give some effort can do this. What’s that?

Making Takakura Basket (Keranjang Takakura). I myself has made this to reduce the kitchen waste, so that it stays in my home instead of going to garbage dump.

  • The goal is converting the organic waste into compost with a simple way.
  • The concept is: put your kitchen waste in a basket and let the microbes decompose it for you.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry because it will be a clean system and I swear you won’t smell something bad because of it. The insect also will not come into it (except if you put the sweet waste inside like candy or chocolate bar LOL).

That’s all I can write. Later, I will explain the detailed steps for you. Here I attach what it looks like, I’m sorry I don’t make aesthetic because I keep it as simple as I can haha

Takakura Basket and what’s inside it

Anyway, have you thought you would take a part to compose rubbish from your kitchen, too?



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