Meilisa Dwi N
3 min readDec 12, 2022

Turning My Terrace Into Green by Hydroponics: How I started

Right now I lived in a mess provided by my office. It was quite comfortable, but still I thought there was something need to be added. There was an empty terrace for years (before I came). I felt it would be good if I can put something so that this house will be looked “alive”. So, then I had a mission to make some greenery area there. This mission was also as an activity to spend my free time -and of course also as my stress releaser hahaha-.

The terrace was quite wide anyway

Then, a problem came up. It was hard to get soil as a media to grow up the plants. FYI, I lived in a city near coast, so this is not an agricultural area. I searched any information in Google Maps but I had no result, then I asked some people around, they said they didn’t know too. A little bit pesimist, thought I couldn’t make this mission.

Thinking thinking thinking.


An idea came up after I saw a bunch of styrofoam in the warehouse. My office got some samples to be analyzed (I worked in a laboratory for shrimp pond) from customers sent by using these styrofoam. Alhamdulillah, I got an idea. HYDROPONICS!

I could use the styrofoam, filling it with AB MIX media, grow some plants there, a little bit patience for waiting, then ta-da, time to harvest!

After got permissions from my senior, I started this project. First, of course I searched for the information. I surfed the internet and also visited a hydroponics farm here.

Yeah, actually, it felt like I only got some basic information, but I was so sure I could do it because all I need after that is an experience. The information, even from an expert, will be useless if I don’t practice it. So then I bought the seed, flannel, netpot, ab mix media in an e-commerce.

I started from the easiest commodity: spinach, caisim, and water spinach.

Okay.. This is how all started. This is the beginning of how I got a fresh vegetables from my terrace.

… to be continued.

Meilisa Dwi N

Meilisa is a photography enthusiast who has interest in agriculture.